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J/105 For Sale, Details


Chantecler got several trophies, including first to finish in Division III of the 2002 Annapolis-Bermuda race, first in PHRF A1 in the 2003 Miles River Race Back, fourth in PHRF A1 in the 2004 Miles River Race Back and a couple for Friday Night Beer Can Series.


Three trophies


Boat features

Factory specifications

Factory specs that were applied to hull #536 : J105 Jcomposite Factory specs.pdf

The anchor well

bullet J105 anchor wellDeck accessed anchor well.

The bow sprit seals

bulletThe bow sprit tube has been custom sealed with the best available engineered mechanical seals and thus made completely waterproof. We had to abandon the 2004 Annapolis-Bermuda race because too much water entered the forepeak through the bow sprit tube in a squall. The problem was due to the poor OEM outside seal that was not the best available in the business and did not fit properly the spinnaker pole. This problem is not uncommon for bow sprit asymmetrical spinnaker in production boats. There was a gap of about 3/8" between the pole and the original bushings (see photo at right) and of about 1/4" between the outside seal and the pole. There was no inside seal and also the bow sprit tube drained into the anchor locker. This was a deficient design and the problem was aggravated by my overloading of the forepeak cabin for the race.
bullet The J105 outside bow sprit seal viewed from aboveUpon return, Marc McAteer of  and I designed the solution for definitely sealing that leak area, with Marine Plastics fabricating two new custom-made Delrin bushings fitting perfectly the pole (the pole slides better than ever, with no play at all), defining and supplying two perfectly fitting lip seals and Muller Marine making the tube sleeve drain to the outside well above water line instead of into the anchor well (which then drains outside just above the water line). Picture at left is of the outside seal viewed from above.
bulletPicture below: inside seal connected to the aft face of the aft Delrin bushing. J105 inside seal connected to the aft face of the aft Delrin bushing

The centerline speedometer

Cabin layout

bullet J/Europe J/105 cabin layoutThe cabin layout is improved compared to TPI's Euro interior and includes a gimbaled two-burner propane stove on Port, next to the sink and a Starboard navigation table in a central position forward of the berth and away from the companionway. The two cabin berths with lee cloths and the Starboard quarter berth are good sea-berths.
bullet J/Europe J/105 gimbaled two-burner propane stoveJ105 port side of the cabin when racing offshore, navigation computer, lee clothes, quarter berth, companionway, ice chest
bullet J 105 nav station


bulletFixed DSC VHF: Standard Horizon Intrepid GX 1260S. This is a DSC (Digital Selective Calling) unit. A distress call from the unit includes the boat's MMSID (Maritime Mobile Service Identity), which is 338 026 115, and the Lat/Lon position (through a link to the GPS antenna). This web page is for a slightly different model: Intrepid. Masthead antenna. Remote mike and speaker for full operation from the wheel.
bulletSilva Nexus Network instrument system with: log and temperature tranducer, wind transducer, compass transducer, depth transducer, Raystar 120 WAAS-NMEA GPS, two Multi XL displays, one Multi control display, one Wind NX2 display, one GPS display, two trim buttons and remote control by the wheel.
bulletShakespeare emergency VHF antenna


bulletWater tank, 23.8 US gallons (as opposed to 20 US gallons for TPI J/105s), under the Port cabin bunk.
bulletENO two-burner butane-propane (set for propane) stove. The propane bottle is in its aft locker, behind the wheel and is properly ventilated to the outside.
bulletOne West Marine Ultra Cold 100 ice chest
bullet10 packs of Techni-ice HDR (reusable dry ice packs)

Safety and other equipment

bulletHarken MKIII furling system
bulletLoos RT 10M rod tension gauge
bulletBosun's chair
bulletOne electric bilge pump
bulletOne Gusher Urchin manual bilge pump in the cabin and one in the cockpit
bulletOne Bekson handheld pump
bulletTwo jacklines
bulletOne horseshoe ring with flasher
bulletOne lifesling2 overboard rescue system
bulletOne Fortress FX-16 anchor with stowaway anchor bag; 20' of chain and 200' of line with anchor rode bag.
bulletThree foam fenders and one large inflatable round fender
bulletShakespeare 5911 Emergency VHF antenna
bulletFog horn
bulletWest Marine EcoHorn rechargeable signal air horn
bulletTwo buckets
bulletOne folding radar reflector
bulletDock lines
bulletOne West Marine medical kit
bulletQuartz Fire 12v spot light
bulletSet of signal flags

PFDs, etc.

bulletOne infant PFD
bulletTwo Youth PFDs 
bulletTwo harness/inflatable PFDs
bulletTwo throwable floating cushions
bulletTwo inflatable PFDs belt pack
bulletTwo harnesses
bulletFive harness teeters
bulletOne drifter drogue
bulletOne six-gallon fuel jerrycan

OD Class Sails

bullet2002 North Sails sharkskin Main; used for one season and two months of racing.
bullet2001 North Sails 3DL Class jib; sail used for one season of racing; one big patch in the middle.
bullet2001 North Sails 77 m2 class spinnaker; 0.75 oz but the tack area has been reinforced to make it a heavy air spinnaker.

Additional sails

bulletAll sails have been properly dried after each use. All sails have been properly bagged and stored during winters in a room with dehumidifier on. None have any mold spot.
bulletKevlar Main. North Sails; late 2003; paneled; bolt rope (the bolt rope is more efficient, but if one want to use slides, they could easily be added); two reefs; one full length batten; three leech battens; foot shelf. The sail was used one season only (from September 2003 to September 2004) and is in excellent condition and racing shape. One minor patch has been done early 2004; the tear was done when the main was on deck after we doused it during a squall.
bulletWinter 2002/03 light/med North Sails Kevlar #1 155% genoa. Designed originally for the roller-furler and then recut to make the clew slightly higher when tacked to the deck; in which case, the leech will trim just below top spreader for better pointing. One hole at the leech and pinholes at the luff have been patched. Regular use for one and half seasons. Good condition.
bullet2002 UK Tape Drive 155% reacher (gold Kevlar tapes on a black Technora scrim). This is a powerful offshore sail with deep entry and a high clew that is sheeted to a block aft (like the spinnaker) and has a wide range of apparent wind angles. More stable than the spinnaker in waves. Used only a few times. Excellent condition. 
bullet1998 Tri-radial North Sails Kevlar heavy air #3 100% jib. Full hoist for tacking to the deck. Flat sail with stiff battens. Used for one race before 2002 and about four times a year since then. Good condition.
bullet2001 Asymmetric code zero North Sails (#6124618-01) spinnaker. This is a 66 m2 flat spinnaker made of 2.5 oz Norlon that can be hoisted and doused either like a regular spinnaker or rolled on its own Schaefer furler system. Condition as new.

Additional equipment

bulletOne awning that attaches to the lifelines and form a strong canopy from the mast to the backstay; Shadetree model 230; color pearl grey; dimensions 172" x 156"; four wands arcing from lifeline to lifeline.




bulletThe first page of my J/105 subweb
bulletThe major features of J105 hull #536
bullet Don't miss this important technical bulletin on rudder bearings, companionway slider stop, hull to deck joint, mast tuning and mast bend, engine stop cable, bowsprit seals, and battery specs
bulletThe second launch of my J-105 in Baltimore, from shrink wrap and cradle to the water
bulletThe anchor well, the bow sprit seals, the gimbaled two-burner propane stove, the three sea berths with lee clothes, the instruments, the sails and other details of the J105
bulletThe V-berth, the mast step, the sinks, the navigation table, the stove area, and other views from the interior of the J/105
bulletThe J105 under sail, upwind with genoa and main
bulletThe J 105 wheel, instrument remote, propane bottle locker, the genoa tracks, the triple cabin top rope clutches, the foot rest for the main trimmer, and the cabin top instrument cluster
bulletThe J/105 masthead, the Sparcraft mast, which permits masthead asymmetric spinnakers and the forehatch.
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